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Comers Gunworks Enfield Defarb with gun purchase

Product Code : Enfield Defarb


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On a typical defarb I will do the following:


  • Strip the stock to bare wood
  • Shape the stock to better resemble the original weapon
  • Change out the side washers to the proper configuration  (the owner of the ones in the picture did not want that done so it has the original round eared ones.
  • Restain and oil the stock

Apply proper stock stamps

Barrel and Furniture 

  • Strip the barrel if blued and remove modern markings. 
  • Blue the barrel in a period proper rust blue or leave in the white if you prefer that.
  • Metal furniture like bands and sling swivels will be stripped and heat blued to give the proper look.  Repro muskets generally do not have the proper sling swivels.  You can purchase some and switch them out, or I will order them and do it for you if you want.  I only charge the actual cost of the swivels and postage on that.
  • Stamp barrel with proper markings
  • Polish all brass pieces to original look


  • Restamp lockplate with period correct markings
  • Engrave a second line on the outside of the lockplate

Inspect and clean lock workings.  If there are any repairs needed, I would advise you first with cost to see if you wanted those done.

Determined at checkout.