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Comers Gunworks

Comers Gunworks 63 Remington (Zouave) Reproduction

Product Code : 63-REM


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This particular gun was made in 1973.  There are no modern markings on it saying who made it but it is Italian and I am thinking it is an Armisport judging from the serial number.

Very nice shape.  58 caliber.  Gun is in very good condition and fully functional.  Lock works well.  Comes with a reproduction sword bayonet which is made.

I have heard quite a few people who live shoot say these are good accurate shooters.

While very few of the Remingtons made it into Civil War service it could be used in a late war scenario depending on which unit was being portrayed.  Or, take it to the range and have some fun with it.

While standard shipping of muskets is $35.00, this gun is $40.00 because of the bayonet.

Determined at checkout.