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Comers Gunworks

Comers Gunworks Double Cartridge Making Station

Product Code : DBL-CRT-RLL-STT


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Having trouble rolling your own blank cartridges for the next event? They can be troublesome. My cartridge rolling station is designed to make a tedious process a bit more easier and faster for you. Here's what you get: templates for both .69 round ball and .58 minie cartridges, a shaped and sized dowel for each caliber so you get the right size paper tube for your blank cartridge, a choke string for choking the ends, two shaped holes for the dowels that you can stand them end to tie off the ends of your cartridge tube and an adjustable bundling block that allows you to bundle both caliber cartridges by simply moving a single piece. And, there's also rubber pads on each corner to keep you from scratching up the kitchen table.

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