Uberti 1858 New Army .44 Caliber  Carbine.  Basically an 1858 revolver with a longer barrel and a stock.  This is an older Uberti and is like new.  I don't think it's ever been fired.  Excellent condition.  Barrel length is 18 inches.  Overall length is 35.25 inches.   These currently sell for around $600 new but this one is $400 shipped.   

Comer's Gunworks

One more boot pistol.  This one is not as fancy but is still a nice piece.  It measures out to a .44 with 3 inch barrels and an 8 inch overall length.  The right hammer works well.   The left hammer will go back to full cock with a little coaxing but does not have a half cock.  $110 shipped.

Defarbed Armisport 1861 Springfield.  I am selling this one for a customer.  I did the defarb work and the rifle is in excellent shape and ready to go.  The stock and lock panels have been contoured to be more like the originals and has been stained and oiled.  I replaced the incorrect swivel pins with historically accurate ones.  The lock is crisp and works well and the bore is clean.  Sold.

Historically, rottenstone was used by soldiers to help maintain their weapons.  Put a cloth over your finger, dip it into a little water or oil, then dip a little rottenstone out of the tin and rub down the metal on your musket.  Made from finely ground limestone, rottenstone is a gentle abrasive that will take surface rust off your gun barrel and lockplates.  Have this on hand the next time you wake up at a reenactiment and find that your barrel has turned orange overnight.  Every cartridge box needs a tin of this in the utility pouch.  2 oz tin will last quite a while.  $8 shipped for one tin.  $5 each for additional tins up to 4. 

Another nice boot pistol.  This one is Belgian and is an 11mm.  Barrel length is 3 inches with an overall length of 7 inches.  The bores are quite interesting on this one as you can see and there is some very nice engraving on the metal.  The right hammer works well and has both half and full cock.  The left hammer will not hold.    $150 shipped.

Here's a nice little boot pistol.  The American Standard Tool Co. were the successors to the Manhattan Firearms Company of Norwich, Conn. Manhattan was one of the companies that took advantage of expiration of Samuel Colt’s master patents in 1857 to produce a wide array of percussion pistols, many of which bore a striking resemblance to those made by Colt. American Standard took over in 1868 and the continued production of the Hero single shot percuss...ion pistol. This is an American Standard “Hero” pistol, made between 1868 and 1873. The percussion pistol utilizes a smooth-bored 3” barrel that screws into the brass frame of the pistol. Overall length is 6". It has no sights, and was commonly referred to as “The poor man’s derringer”. There were about 25,000 of these pistols made, and they are not found that often.

This would be a nice addition to any civilian impression, male or female. The barrel on this one has been painted black You can choose to keep it as is or I can strip it or strip it and reblue it at no additional cost. All parts are original. The half-cock is a little iffy but will work if you are careful pulling the hammer back.  SOLD

Very nice pinfire boot pistol.  This one is a .36 caliber.  Both hammers work well and there is some very nice engraving on the metal of this gun.  The barrels are lowered by operating the lever underneath.  Barrel length is 4.25 inches and overall length is 9 inches.  A nice unusual pistol in very good shape.    SOLD