New Chiappa (Armisport) 1861 Springfield.  2 in stock.

​                                                                    $950 shipped



New Pedersoli Mississippi Rifle.  New in box and ready to go.   MSRP on this is 1280 plus shipping.                                                                                                                                                        $1175 including shipping. 

Pedersoli Lorenz.  .54 Next to the Enfield this was the second most purchased musket by the Confederacy.  Very underrepresented in Civil War reenacting today.  High quality musket that will be a nice addition to an impression, both CS and US.  One in stock.

                                                                                                               $1480 shipped

Historically, rottenstone was used by soldiers to help maintain their weapons.  Put a cloth over your finger, dip it into a little water or oil, then dip a little rottenstone out of the tin and rub down the metal on your musket.  Made from finely ground limestone, rottenstone is a gentle abrasive that will take surface rust off your gun barrel and lockplates.  Have this on hand the next time you wake up at a reenactment and find that your barrel has turned orange overnight.  Every cartridge box needs a tin of this in the utility pouch.  1/2 oz tin will last quite a while.  $8shipped for one tin.  

New Chiappa (Armisport) 1853 Enfield.  

 2 in stock.                                                                                              $950 Shipped 

New Chiappa (Armisport) 1842 Springfield.  Nice grain on this stock.  One in stock


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