DEFARB SERVICES - Need a reproduction firearm made more authentic?  I can do that for you.  I will work closely with you to make sure your firearm is done the way you want it and will keep you up to date on the work as it progresses.  

A typical defarb will consist of stripping and reshaping the stock to make it match the originals.  Removing modern markings from the barrel and bluing or browning if needed or requested.  If that is not chosen, I will bring the barrel back to an armory bright finish and it will look like new again.

I clean all metal parts including the lock.  If period correct stamping needs to be done I will stamp the barrel with proper proof marks and the stock will get the proper cartouches and inspector marks.  The lockplate will also get reworked to look more like the originals.  

If any parts are needed or wanted, I charge the actual cost of parts and postage rounded up to the next dollar. I will always inform you of the cost and will not do any work until I have your permission.

On a typical defarb I will do the following:


  •      Strip the stock to bare wood
  •     Shape the stock to look like original weapons​.Change out the side washers to      the proper configuration  (the owner of the ones in the picture did not want        that done so it has the original round eared ones.
  •     Restain and oil the stock
  •     Apply proper stock stamps 

Barrel and Furniture

  •     Strip the barrel if blued and remove modern markings. 
  •     Blue the barrel in a period proper rust blue or leave in the white if you prefer       that.
  •     Metal furniture like bands and sling swivels will be stripped and heat blued to      give the proper look.  Reproduction Enfields do not have the proper sling              swivels.  These are optional at a cost of $50 for the set.
  •     Stamp barrel with proper markings
  •     Polish all brass pieces to original look

Birmingham Lockplate

  •     Restamp lockplate with period correct markings (Tower or Potts & Hunts)
  •    Engrave a second line on the outside of the lockplate.

London Lockplate

  •    Mark with proper London stamp

Inspect and clean lock workings.  If there are any repairs needed, I will advise you first with cost to see if you want those done.​

Actual shipping cost will be added.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you don't like it, you don't pay. 

PRICELIST for the most popular defarb jobs:

Brown Bess:                     $175.00

1816 Springfield:             $175.00

1841 Mississippi rifle:    $185.00

1842 Springfield:            $175.00

Austrian Lorenz:             $175.00

1861/63 Springfield:      $175.00

1853 Enfield:                   $195.00 

Pistols:                              $125.00

Enfields have a choice of Birmingham or London Armoury markings.  Proper sling swivels are another option.  I can put a set of originals on for $50.

Flintlocks, other percussion rifles, shotguns and pistols:  Contact me so we can discuss what you want and I will give you a quote.


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