Bayonet Scabbard with tin tip.  Hand sewn and very high quality.  These will fit either .58 or .69 bayonets.  

Currently available:

(1) English leather CS (red leather)

(1) 2 rivet US - stamped Moores and Co. Cin. 

(1) Sewn Atlanta Depot                                                                                                                            $65 shipped

US waist belt.   Custom made to your size.  

                                                                        $60 shipped

Lengths in stock:


​(3) 41



CS stamped .69 cal cartridge box. Undyed leather. This box comes with a linen sling and tins. Has the option to be worn on the belt also. $160 shipped. 

US waist belt blank.  Everything here but the plate.  You can cut these to your size and save some money.  Specify sewn or brass keeper.  56" long

                                                                                       $45 shipped

Double billet belt.  2.5" wide.  One in stock that is 45" long.   These can be custom ordered to your size.  Great addition to a civilian or military impression.  

                                                                  out of stock

US leather canteen sling.  These have the proper trapezoidal guard behind the buckle.  $40 shipped.

CS canteen sling.  This is made of the proper webbing and is accurate in every detail. 

                                                                               $20 shipped

CS horseshoe buckle canteen strap.  Great addition to your Confederate impression.   

                                                                         $35 shipped

Enfield rifle sling.  Step your Enfield up a notch with one of these.  These were shipped with the muskets from Britain.

                                               $50 shipped

Atlanta Depot waist belt.  With properly sized buckle.

​Sizes in stock:​


                                             $50 shipped.

CS leather canteen sling.  Split to cradle the canteen.  High quality undyed leather will weather out to a nice rich hue.  

                                                                               $35 shipped

Comer's Gunworks, LLC

Linen cartridge box sling - these things are really, really nice.   Proper weave and color

                                           $36 shipped

M1808 rifle sling. Undyed leather and made like the originals.  

                                                                            $40 shipped

Magee, Horter and George belt.  Great Trans-Mississsippi or early western theater addition.  39" 

                                           $50 shipped