Double Station

For those that have both .58 and .69 muskets, this kit is for you.  You get everything that is in the single station with the addition of a .69 former and a template to cut out trapezoids for .69 round ball cartridges.  The bundling box is easily adjusted for each caliber by simply moving a block to change the size to what you need.  $40 shipped.

Comer's Gunworks, LLC

Single Station

The .58 musket is the most popular in Civil War reenacting.  This single station is for those folks that only need to make one caliber cartridge.  $35 shipped.

These stations have everything you need to make your own cartridges except paper and string.  Each one comes with proper sized formers for the caliber you are doing, templates for cutting your trapezoids, choking string and a bundling box for making arsenal packs.  They also have non-skid pads on the bottom so you don't scratch up the kitchen table.